Welcome to cdkeysplus.com


1. After selecting your product, proceed to "Checkout". 



2.  Select MOLPay as your preferred payment method and proeed to "Continue" 



3. Check your shopping cart details and after confirmation, click “Place Order”.  
    You are only required to pay the Grand Total amount and no additional charges.
    The amount below is the USD conversion of your Grand Total amount.  




4. In the online payment page, the default page is for Visa/Mastercard users. 




5. If you prefer another payment option, click on the "Payment Option". All other options will be revealed. 



Payment via Online Banking

1. If you choose online banking as payment mode, e.g "Maybank", you are required to fill up your details 
    and click "Pay Online". You will enter a secure online payment via Maybank and click "Pay by Maybank2u".





2. You are required to key in your Username and password in the next 2 pages. 





3. After keying in your credentials, you will received your online Ticketing. Click "Continue"
    You will received an SMS for your TAC number.  



4. Once TAC number is entered, the transaction is confirmed and proceed. You will be 
     able to see the status of your purchase.